June 1968 June 1968 June 1968
June 1968 June 1968 June 1968
Back in June of 1968, my grandfather who passed away in 1996, worked for Gulf Oil  delivering gas to filling stations in Los Angeles. Behind one of the stations was this Batmobile (parked at Barris Kustom City). He went over and talked to the owners of the building where the Batmobile was located and they said bring your grandkids out for a visit. The one thing that they all agreed upon, is that, when we visited the car, there was nobody around.

My grandfather wanted to surprise us and show us the Batmobile. When we got there, everybody was in shock to see the Batmobile, and we were there probably 30 minutes.

I am with my sister Cindy and the woman in one of the photos is my grandmother Ann Hamilton. Her husband Austin was the one who originally saw the car.

Jeff Christlieb

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