Dan Perkins in late 2003 with the #1 Pete Tassler (Robin) & Chris Longo (Batman) in 2003 in a replica
 Bill Petersen in 2000 in the #1 Mike Esch (Joker) & his wife (Catwoman) with their Batmobile in 2003
Aaron Zimmerman in 2003 in Barris' replica Dave Prawer in 1996 in the #1 Batmobile
Wes Shepherd in 2002 in a replica  Mariana and little Karen Goldvarg in their Batmobile 
"Greg in TO" in 2004 in a replica Edward Cacace in '89 in the #5
Tony Fornaro in Hollywood CA in 2004 Turner Walston with the #2 car in 1989
Deann Williams with the #1 in '96 Rob Dea in 1997 in the #1 Batmobile
Keith Cousins
John Gaffney in the late 80's at the NJ State Fair with a replica Keith Cousins in 2004 with a replica in the UK
Scott Sebring in the #1 Batmobile in 2005 Tony Day in a replica in Iowa in 2004
Gail & Randy Baumann in a replica  in 2005  Paul Grimes in early 2006 with a replica
Elaine Manning

Elaine Manning in 2006 in a replica Bill Miller & George Barris in 2006 
Ivan & Adam Tabac in 2006 with a replica Jeff Breden in 2006 in a replica
George Barris with Kaitlyn & David Gunterman Vern Hartsock in 2004 with a replica
Lee Kirkham
Lee Kirkham in a replica in July 2005 Alexandra & Victoria Noack with a replica in 2006

Tim Groover

Xavier Onassis in 1989 in the #5 car Tim Groover with a replica in the 90's
(Left to right) Dallas radio hosts J.D. Ryan and Russ Martin with Brad Murphey in Dallas, TX
Police Officer Brad Murphey in 2006 with Russ Martin's replica Roger Barrett in a replica in 2006
Brian Owens in 2007 with the #1 MOCHILLBXMC2007 in 2009
Gabriel Marocchi in 2010 in a replica Grace Martinez in 2010 in a replica
Rob & Jon Sobieski in the 70's with the #4 Aaron, Kaitlin & David Devine with the #1
John, Jeremy and John Harrier Charlie Garcia
 The Harrier's in the 90's with the #1 Charlie Garcia in the #1 in 2011
Wylde Parnelle with the #1 in 2010  

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