Phil Combs in a replica in 2009

My mom heard they were filming a Batman episode at Torrance beach. She took me, my brother and my sister down to watch the filming. In the picture on the right in the white shorts on the end that's me (Steve Ruffoni), two over from me in the white dress is my sister (Dina Ruffoni-Balfour), two over from her in the white pants with no shirt is my brother (Bill Ruffoni). The building in the background with the Gotham Point sign is the main lifeguard building at the bottom of the Torrance beach ramp that is still there today. I later found out the episode was called "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!"

Steve Ruffoni 

John Joda in MT Ben
John Joda in a replica in 2009 Ben Bentley in 2009 with the #1
Alex Chris DeFalco
Alex Fardales with a replica in 2010 Chris DeFalco in 2009 in the #1
Teddy Katz The Hanbury's in 1988
Teddy Katz in 1990 with the #2 car The Hanbury's in 1988 in the #2
 Anthony & John Vergot with a replica in Simi Valley, CA 2010 Robert Burns (Batman) in 2010 with a replica
John Medl
 John Medl in a replica in 2010 John Canfield in 2007 in a replica

Don Morley in 2006 with a replica The DiCarlo family with a replica in 2007
Gino DiCarlo Karl-Heinz Schedwig
Gino DiCarlo in 1990 with the #2 car in NY Karl-Heinz Schedwig in a replica in East Germany around '91
Jim, Rachel & Sarah McDougal in a replica Matt Huston in 1995 in the #1

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