Mr. & Mrs. Huven Scot Fleming
Samy and Andréa Huven with the #1 in 2001 Scot "Scooter" Fleming in the #2
Jeff Linson Steve Suppa
Jeff Linson in a replica in 2002 Stephen Suppa in the mid-90's in the #2
Maximiliano Alvarez Luciana Arraraz
Maxy Alvarez in 2001 with a replica Luciana Arraraz in 2001 with a replica
Nathan Truman in the #5 Jim
Nathan Truman & George Barris in 1988 with the #5 car Jim in the mid 80's in the #2
Jack Ellison Griffin & Clayton Stacks
Jack Ellison in 1968 at a Phoenix, AZ car show Griffin & Clayton Stacks in 2001 with a replica
Kory Hoffman Jonathan Haggard
Kory Hoffman in 1996 with the #5 Jonathan Haggard in 2001 with a replica
Steve Stanley with the #4 car Jamie and Stephen Linson
Steve Stanley in 1989 with the #4 Jamie and Stephen Linson in a replica in 2002
Dan Williams Jorge Iacobellis
Dan Williams in the #1 around 1996 in MN Jorge Iacobellis with a replica in CA
Chris and Sharon Frank Murphy
Chris & Sharon Woodside in '86 with the #2 car Frank Murphy in 1993 with the #1
Eddie Gonzales John Brown
Eddie Gonzales Sr. in 2002 with a replica John Brown in the "#5" replica

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