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Year built October 1965
Original car used 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car
Original sale price & date Sold to George Barris for $1.00 in December 21, 1965
Designed by George Barris with input from Eddie Graves from 20th Century Fox
Customized by George Barris with Gale Black, Bill Cushenbery, Richard "Korky" Korkes, Les Tompkins & Roy "Tubs" Johnson
Contractual owners (1965) George Barris, Irvin Kuns, Lester E. Tompkins, individuals d/b/a Barris Kustom City
Time to build Approximately 3 weeks
Cost to modify Futura $30,000
Approx. value in 1966 $125,000
Curb weight 5500 lb
Wheelbase 126 in.
Length 225 in.
Width (Front) 84 in.
Width (Rear) 79 in.
Height 48 in.
Fins 84 in.
Current owner Rick Champagne
Current location Arizona, USA 
Sold on January 19, 2013 $4,200,000
Engine 390ci, V-8
Transmission  B&M Hydro 3-speed automatic (2nd transmission)
Layout Front engine/rear drive
Body Construction Steel
Tires 15" Firestone Wide-Oval, Mickey Thompson and US Royal Laredo
Tires currently in use 235/75R15 BF Goodrich Radial T/A
Original Wheels 15x7 single rib Rader cast-alloy five spoke
Rims used in the 70's & 80's 15" Appliance Wire Wheels
Rims used in the 90's and 2000's 15" Dragway Deep Dish
Rims currently in use 15x7 Tri-Ribb III by Radir Wheels
 Exterior paint color "Velvet Bat-Fuzz Black" from Metalflake, Inc. 
Trim color 3/4" Fluorescent Cerise 
Bat knock-off for rims Aluminum bats that were screwed to the Rader rims' hubs
Safety belts Cumming & Sander impact safety belts
Emergency Bat-turn lever Ansen "T" handle in "Candy Red"
Power Accelerator T-Arm Ansen "T" handle in "Candy Silver"
Gas tank Moon Aluminum tank
Exhaust turbine Made from a 5 gallon paint can
Parachute info 2 Deist parachute packs with 10 foot in diameter parachutes
California License plate Transportation Registration Plate 037
Gotham License plates 4 quantity used during the TV show: TP-6597, BAT-1, 2F-3567, ZEF 451
'65-'66 Steering wheel A modified "U"-shaped steering wheel (originally from the Lincoln Futura)
'67-'68 Steering wheel In April 1967, an uncut 1958 Edsel wheel replaced the original
August 20, 1965 Meeting with George Barris, Charles FitzSimons (from Fox), and Ike Danning (from Fox Transportation Dpt.) to discuss building a Batmobile
August 25, 1965   Batmobile proposal submitted by Barris Kustom City, including 2 sketches. I II
September 1, 1965 Contract signed to build the Batmobile
October 11, 1965 "Batmobile I" completed and delivered
October 15, 1965 Mechanical issues (headlights, battery, exhaust, ignition and tire) with Batmobile 
  December 21, 1965  "Futura Show Car" aka the Batmobile, officially sold to George Barris for $1.00.
January 12, 1966 Batman airs on ABC TV.  Original Batmobile "News Release"
February 3, 1966 First Exhibition of the Batmobile at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in CA.
August 3, 1966 The Batman movie premieres
August 15, 1966 Contract to "construct two copies of the Batmobile."
September 15, 1966 Expiration of the option to either continue renting Batmobile I or to require Barris Kustom City to construct Batmobile II
September 21, 1966   Amended contract regarding exhibition of copies of the Batmobile, and refurbishing of Batmobile I.  
October 12, 1966 Batmobile exhibition agreement synopsis written by Charles B. FitzSimons
October 18, 1966  Patented by George Barris. US Design Patent # Des. 205998
November 1966 Barris Kustom City replicated Batmobile I and created 3 fiberglass copies
January 11, 1967   Barris in "process of acquiring a fourth Batmobile"
March 9, 1967 Delivered to Barris Kustom City to be "refurbished."  Refurbishment included, "put Batmobile I in first-class operating condition by completely refurbishing the interior and exterior of the body...and all mechanical moving parts therein, including the installation of a new engine and drive train." 
April 15, 1967   Batmobile due back to 20th Century Fox fully refurbished
June 16, 1967 Barris requesting the intention to acquire an additional Batmobile ..."known as Batmobile #5"
January 23, 1968 "Prop-return time on the Batman Series.  This is the property of George Barris and must be returned to him.  Fox has the right to remove any props installed by the studio.  This may be more expensive than to return the car intact."  
March 14, 1968  Last episode of Batman airs
January 19, 2013 George Barris sells the #1 Batmobile, lot #5037, at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $4.2 million
June 2015 The #1 Batmobile goes up for sale, asking price $5,000,000
November 5, 2015 George Barris passes away at the age of 89

Owner shall either provide and install or provide for the installation of the following items:

1. The Switches and Hand-throttle knob for the Turbo-electric Drive.

2. The Bing-Bong Warning Bell and Bat-Light Flasher.

3. The Mobile Phone between the seats with Beeper and Flashing Light.

4. The Batscope, with TV-like Viewing Screen on the dash with control buttons and Radar-like Antenna with aimable parabolic Reflector outside, with cockpit controls.

5. Anti-theft System- Flashing Red Lights- Piercing Whistle- Little rockets built into tubes at the back of the cockpit that fire straight up with a fiery whoosh.

6. Anti-fire Control System- Flood of Foam from Secret Nozzle.

7. Turn-off switch for Protection Systems.

8. Radar-like screen that Beeps and Blips and points an arrow as it picks up Robin's directional signal.

9. Mechanics for Emergency Bat Turn- Red Lever so named on Dash-Reverse Thrust Rockets beneath headlights- Ejection Parachute Mechanism at rear.

10. Bat-Ray Projector Mechanism- Lever on Dash so names- Hood Hydraulic Projector Device. (With possibility of ray coming from Bat-Eyes).

11. Portable Fire-Extinguisher.

12. Receiver and Sender Computer to be installed in trunk of Batmobile.

13. Bat symbols on hubcaps.

14. The color of the Batmobile and the Bat Symbols to be placed thereon shall be mutually agreed upon between Owner and Producer prior to the completion of the Batmobile.

15. Special luminescent paint to define Bat outline at night, the placement of which shall be mutually agreed upon between Owner and Producer prior to the completion of the Batmobile.

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