October 15, 1965

"October 18, 1965

Inter-Office Correspondence

Charlie: (Charles FitzSimons)

This is in regard to our second unit shooting Friday, October fifteenth, the problems of the Batmobile, and the problems we encountered during our shooting day.

The following items did not function with the Batmobile during the course of the shooting.

#1 - The ignition system fell apart.

#2 - Wires shorted in the headlights.

#3 - A pinched tube in the left rear tire caused an hour and a half delay to fix.

#4 - The exhaust and tail pipe fell apart which caused more than forty five minutes delay.

#5 - We could not get enough power on the Batmobile to go over forty five miles an hour up hill.

#6 - The battery went dead and we had to put in another battery.

#7 - Estimated total delay in time approximately two and a half to three hours.

S.S." (Sam Strangis from 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation)