A New York Replica
Interior Adam West in the Batmobile Interior
Interior Adam West and the Batmobile Interior
(Top) Photos courtesy of Martin Zamorano
Rear Side Front
Rear Interior Side
Photos taken  in 2002 in Traverse City, MI.  Courtesy of Todd Vipond


Russ Martin's Batmobiles


Owned by Russ Martin Owned by Russ Martin Owned by Russ Martin Interior Wheel
Batmobile Tracey Gold and Russ

Tracey Gold and Russ

Mike Reno

Mike Reno from "Loverboy" and Russ

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Russ

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Russ 

Larry Hagman and Russ

Larry Hagman and Russ

Tom Leykis

 Radio host Tom Leykis in Russ' car

Angie Harmon

Actress Angie Harmon with Russ' car



On the set of Rockstar

George Barris and Mark Wahlberg on the set of Rock Star


Batmobile & the Black Beauty

Dan Rodriguez with one of the two replicas used in Rock Star.  Yes, the other car is the "Black Beauty"

Crusing around town

Dan cruising around town dressed as the caped crusader!


Replica Batmobile Replica Batmobile
A replica built in the early 90's by Bob Butts of Fantasy Ranch


Side Front Front Exhaust Turbine
Rear Gotham City Interior Interior Interior

The body is a Bob Butts fiberglass replica mounted to a 1979 Lincoln Town car. The 15x10 wheels are made by Radir, and the steering wheel and speedometer are from a 1959 Ford Edsel.  All the Bats were custom made, and the car took 4 years to build. 

"I wanted the car to be as accurate as possible (this side of spending a million dollars), and also comfortable to drive.  So we strayed from the original in that we added wheel wells, side marker lights, rear-view TV camera etc, and took creative license in a few areas such as the center console (needed a place for gauges and switches)."

Many things really work on this car, including: pulling the lever releases the chutes (F-15 ejection seat chutes), a motion detector sets the lights flashing if anyone walks up, and eventually the turbine will be rigged to shoot CO2 out of the back.

Thanks to the "Mystery Michigan" owner for sharing his Batmobile.

Interior 12/17/02--Update:  The owner has made a few changes which include: new detect-a-scope, and lowering the front end a few inches, etc. Side view

Do you want to see a Batmobile?  Go to: The Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg, TN; the Ellingsworth Museum in Minneapolis, MN; or the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL.

A replica of a replica

If you're in the Gatlinburg, TN area visit the Guinness Museum to see a replica of a replica!