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4/22/16- Coming in May, a brand new revamped site!!!

11/5/15- Legendary car kustomizer and creator of the TV Batmobile, George Barris, has passed away today at the age of 89. My condolences to his family and loved ones. I was lucky to have first met George in 1996 and was fortunate to get to know him and his family over the years. I am very thankful to continue to promote, educate and be a historian for such a legendary car and man.

George Barris and the #1 Batmobile

10/7/15- See the Original #3 Batmobile at the NY Historical Society Museum & Library from 10/9/15 - 2/21/2016.  It's in their lobby!

10/5/15- Three rare photos from 1967 of the Batmobile on-set at Fox Studios.

1967   1967   1967

8/13/15- A 1967 photo of the #4 Batmobile at a car show.


7/4/15- Coming to your nearest Walmart in August 2015.  Yes, it's another repackage!

Walmart Exclusive

6/20/15- In January 2013, the #1 Batmobile sold at auction for $4.2 million plus fees.  Two and a half years later it looks like Rick Champagne has put his Batmobile up for sale.  It can be seen at the Barrett-Jackson Showroom in Scottsdale, AZ and more information can be found here.  The asking price is around $5,000,000.

2/16/15- Two "new" photos added of the Lincoln Futura from 1955

1955  1955

1/18/15- A photo from late 1966 of the #3 Batmobile at a show in Montreal, Canada.  Photo courtesy of Luc Desautels.

Montreal, Canada

1/1/15- Happy New Year!  The Lincoln Futura/Batmobile turns 60 years old this year!!

12/5/14- A early photo of the Batmobile being built in October 1965.  Photo courtesy of Kevin White.

Photo courtesy of Kevin White

11/23/14- The #3 Batmobile's interior has been restored.  Exclusive pictures here

10/18/14- The below three photos have never been seen before and are from October 1965.  Pictured is Richard "Korky" Korkes working on the '55 Lincoln Futura concept car converting it into the Batmobile.

1965  1965  1965

9/15/14- New from Polar Lights the 1/25 Batmobile plastic model kit with Batman & Robin figures.

8/17/14- Rare photo from 1965 of the Batmobile before it was completed.  Also, a photo from 1966 of the "Batcar" (#1) at a local event.

1965   1966

7/6/14- New photo added to the Brush with the Batmobile page.

6/4/14- New photo of the #4 Batmobile added from 1971.


3/31/14- New Hot Wheels Elite 1:18 scale diecast Batmobile with Batman & Robin figures.

With figures  With figures

3/30/14- New 1:18 scale Lincoln Futura diecast car by Minichamps.

Minichamps Futura  Minichamps Futura  Minichamps Futura

12/8/13- Some updates to the Tires & Rims page.

11/2/13- Dean Cain added to the Celebrities with the Batmobile page

Dean Cain

11/1/13- New diecast Batmobile from HeroClix.

HeroClix Batmobile

10/20/13- 1960's Batmobile swooped into PowerBlockTV.  Chris Woodside's replica was featured on PowerBlock--Spike TV- October 12th.

PowerBlock  Behind the scenes  Behind the scenes  Chris and Courtney

9/29/13- The new Mattel 1/6th scale Batmobile is available at retailers.  It is 18" long and Batman & Robin figurers are sold available and separately. 

2013 Batmobile

9/7/13-  Photo added to the Celebrities with the Batmobile page

8/12/13- The #4 Batmobile is being restored to look like how it did in 1967, go here to learn more.

7/3/13- Vintage photo of the #4 car from 1967 with some beauty queens in Nevada.

1967 in NV

6/15/13-  Three new photos added to the Celebrities with the Batmobile page, courtesy of Jeff Breden. 

5/23/13- The #1 Batmobile will be doing some charity work soon.  Read about it here and here.

5/11/13- Three new photos added to the 1965 pre-production photo page.

5/8/13- 1975 photo of the #3 car at a show in Canada

Fuzzy #3

4/9/13- New from Polar Lights 1/25 scale Batmobile 2 pack.  Includes a snap & glue model kit.  

Polar Lights 2 pack

3/14/13- Coming this Summer from Mezco the Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman & Robin. 

Summer 2013   Summer 2013   Mezco

2/19/13- New vintage photo from 1966 courtesy of the George Barris collection


2/11/13- New for 2013 a "Wacky Wobbler" Batmobile by Funko


2/10/13- Coming in July 2013 from Mattel.  It will be priced at $49.99 and an "Adam West" Batman 6" figure will be available for $15.99 as well.


1/28/13- Two new recent photos of the #4 Batmobile, courtesy of Doug Jackson.

2013  2013

1/21/13- Photos from the auction of the #1 Batmobile on January 19th are here.  Also, added four pictures from 1967 of the #3 car, courtesy of Jeff Maxwell.

1/19/13- The #1 Batmobile sold at Barrett-Jackson auction today for $4.2 million dollars--Incredible!!  I was at the auction and the Barris' were kind enough to allow me to be on the stage when it was being auctioned.  I took lots of photos and have lots of updates coming soon.  Check the 1966 Batmobile Facebook page for updates from yesterday.

Congratulations to its new owner, Rick Champagne, who lives in Arizona & George Barris and his family on the sale.

Watch the video of the bidding here.

12/9/12- The #1 Batmobile was treated to a new accurate pair of door bats.

New door bat applied in late 2012

11/29/12- Official Press Release went out today for the sale of the #1 Batmobile at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ on January 19, 2013.  Interesting video here about the original Batmobile for sale.

11/16/12- George Barris has owned the original Lincoln Futura/#1 1966 TV Batmobile for over 50 years.  This particular car was featured in all of the episodes of Batman that ran from 1966-1968.  The Barris' have now decided to sell their most famous & prized possession to the highest bidder.  This Batmobile is the most recognized and popular piece of entertainment history, worldwide. This is the first time that the original Batmobile has been up for sale. The sale includes memorabilia and documentation from George's personal archive. Lot #5037 will hit the auction block on January 19, 2013 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in AZ with a reserve.  

George Barris and the #1 Batmobile

11/4/12- All six Batmobiles are hitting the road and traveling across North America. Check the list to see if the Batmanís wheels are pulling into a town near you.

Photo courtesy of John Canfield  Photo courtesy of John Canfield  Photo courtesy of John Canfield  Photo courtesy of John Canfield  Photo courtesy of John Canfield

10/18/12- Update to the "Did you know..."  page.

9/23/12- One of the earliest photos ever seen.  A 1965 pic of the Batmobile before it was completed.  With builder Richard "Korky" Korkes and his family.


9/7/12- A new 1:64th scale 2012 Halloween Batmobile available exclusively at Kroger's.


7/29/12- A new 1:64th scale Batmobile (repackage) is exclusively available at Walmart for 98 cents.

2012 Hot Wheels

7/20/12- Vintage photo of the #1 Batmobile on the set.

ZEF 451

 7/11/12- Hot Toys announced they will be coming out with a 1/6 scale (about 30" long) 1966 Batmobile.  More details here and here.

Hot Toys 1/6th scale Batmobile   Hot Toys 1/6th scale Batmobile   1/6th Batmobile

7/4/12- Hot Wheels 1:50th scale 3 pack with chrome '66 Batmobile, $25.00.  Also, 1/18 scale remote control Batmobile by Hot Wheels, $40.00.  Both available now at ToysRus.

3 Pack   RC Batmobile

6/24/12- Hot Wheels 1:50th scale '66 Batmobile, now available at Target.  This is a repackage from two years ago.

Hot Wheels 2012

6/19/12- New photo of actress Tia Barr added to the Celebrities with the Batmobile page

Actress Tia Barr in 2012

4/18/12- Polar Light's 1/32nd scale Batmobile slot racing kit is now available.

1/32nd Slot Car

3/31/12- All 5 Batmobile's were on the streets of Los Angeles for the filming of a documentary that will be on the upcoming DVD (bonus footage) of The Dark Knight Rises.

Photo taken by Eric Seltzer  Photo taken by Eric Seltzer  Photo taken by Eric Seltzer  Photo taken by Eric Seltzer  Photo taken by Eric Seltzer  Photo taken by Eric Seltzer

4/28/12- Check out the original Batmobile exhibition agreement from 1966.

4/6/12- Carla & Kim in 1967 with the #4 car at the Texas State Fair.

Carla and Kim

1967 photo of the #2 car with a model named Stephanie Rose.

1967   1967

3/8/12- A news article and memo about adding seat belts to the Batmobile, circa 1966.

Also, check out the new Bat-spinners the #1 now wears.

Radir Tri-Rib rim

1/20/12- High quality image of the original 1966 Design Patent.

Design Patent

*Now available!- 1/25 snap together Batmobile kit. It comes with prepainted Batman & Robin figures and it's accurate to how the car looked in the sixties. The car body itself comes predecorated.

Snap kit    Polar Lights  Polar Lights  Polar Lights

*Now available!- 1/25 glue together kit by Polar Lights. This is styled after the first season car. No figures but it includes all of the stuff under the hood and trunk of the Barris car. Ford big block engine. Decals for striping, etc.

1/25 Glue together kit

*Now available!- Polar Lights' 1:32nd Batmobile models (reproduction of Aurora) are out in stores now.  Below is the Collector's Edition tin box and the regular packaging too.  

  Collector's Edition tin Collector's Edition Box Art

*Now available!- 1/25 Deluxe kit by Polar Lights with many optional and upgraded parts including photoetch pieces, tire options, umbrella to make the "Penguin Batmobile" and turbine engine or V8 engine option. Molded in white.

Auto World's Batmobile slot car race set is now available.  The HO scale Batmobile is also sold separately and available in Black, White & Black Chrome.

Slot car set  Auto World HO slot car  Auto World HO slot car  Auto World HO slot car

In 2011, Hallmark Keepsake Ornament's had a 1966 Batmobile and it plays the Batman theme song too.  

Hallmark  On display at Hallmark

11/27/11- Three new 1960's actresses added to the Celebrities with the Batmobile page.

10/5/11- The #1 Batmobile now wears Radir rims!

October 2011

9/23/10- A March 1955 press photo of the Lincoln Futura.

The Futura in 1955

August 2010- NFL players Chad Ochocinco & Terrell Owens with a replica Batmobile.

Chad Ochocinco & Terrell Owens

6/29/10- Photo of the #1 fuzzed from the 1970's. 


6/13/10- October 15, 1965 Batmobile problems.

5/18/10- Update to the Magazine article list

5/18/10- The latest Hot Wheels Batmobile news is here!

  Flat/Matte 1:18th     Chrome 1:18th

8/27/09- Original Ford Press Release about the Futura/Batmobile. 


8/12/09- Exclusive interview with Stan Thorwaldsen, the interior designer of the Lincoln Futura, courtesy of Mark Racop. 

4/4/08- Exclusive interview with "Wild Bill" Shrewsberry.  Bill drove the Batmobile in 1967 at various dragstrips around the country.

12/20/07- A replica Batmobile got in a "little" accident back in 2006. The good news it is now fully repaired--check it out! 

2/24/07- New videos added of the Batmobile & the Futura

Looking for an officially licensed replica Batmobile?  Go see the Fiberglass Freaks!  

The Summer 2010 issue of Motor Trend Classic had a great 14 page article about George Barris' Batmobile. This website was mentioned too!!

Summer 2010

April 14, 2010- Check-out issue #164 of the Simpsons Comic Book!!

Simpsons Comics

On February 28th 2009, I planned a meet and greet with George Barris & the #1 Batmobile.  40+ people attended from through-out the U.S. & Canada.  Some of our special guests included "Wild Bill" Shrewsberry, Richard "Korky" Korkes and even Erik Estrada.  Go here for all the details!

Shrewsberry, Barris & Estrada  Shrewsberry, Barris & Korkes  Group photo  Replica Batmobile

February 2009, DC Direct has released a porcelain TV Batmobile that lights-up. 

DC Direct  NY Toy Show  NY Toy Show  Box

July 2008- The 1966 Batman Movie is now available on Blu-Ray DVD. Check out the Special Feature (that I worked on)--Batmobile Interactive Tour - A 360 Degree Navigational Tour.

DVD   Images from the Blu-ray disc