Memo to Robert E. Lee

January 19, 1966

Mr. Dozier personally requested that you contact the NATIONAL Safety Council on seat belts and set up the best possible promotion based on the installation of seat belts in the Batmobile. He suggested that this be in the form of a letter from the Safety Council either complimenting us for the use of seat belts, or if necessary, requesting the use of seat belts in the Batmobile because of the vast exposure the BATMAN series has to the millions of adult and young viewers throughout the United States of America .  The seat belts eventually used should be the most interesting type available and in the nature of those used, for instances, by astronauts to protect them from the extraordinary gravity force to which they are exposed. Remember our speedy Batmobile is nuclear powered!


Holy Seat Belts! Cop Curbs Dynamic Duo

Bill Irvin, Saturday, April 30, 1966 in Chicago ’s American

IN THE FUTURE, WHEN Batman and Robin jump into their Batmobile and roar off to do battle with the Riddler, Penguin, or Catwoman, they had better fasten their seat belts as a good example to the youth of the nation.

At least, that’s what Rep. Andrew Jacobs Jr. [D., Ind. ] thinks, and he wrote to Batman’s producer suggesting the seatbelt precaution. While Batman and Robin are at it they might set a good driving example for adult viewers, too.

Batman whizzes around curves, drives on the wrong side of the road, and roars out of the Batcave without looking for traffic.

Of course, the idea is for Batman to get where he’s going in a hurry, even if he runs the risk of cracking up along the way.

In upcoming episodes, this is the way the dialog might go if the safety ideas are adopted:

“WHEW! Batman, you’ve got to be more careful driving out of the Batcave. You just missed that Volks by a hair.”

“I know, Robin. My electric accelerator stuck. We’re going to have to put up a traffic light at the Batcave.”

“Pull over to the side, Batman. There’s something we forgot. We didn’t fasten our seat belts.”

“Do you think we really should take the time, Robin? That was a hurry-up call from the police commissioner.”

“I certainly do think we should. It’s important that we get there in one piece for the sake of the people in Gotham City .”

“They’re gaining on us.”

“DARN THIS thing, Robin! I can’t get it buckled.”

“Same here. You know something Batman? I think this is some more of the Riddler’s work. He’d like to see us get killed.”

“There, I got mine buckled, Robin. How about you?”

“O.K., let’s go!”

“Batman, I don’t like to nag, but you’re driving on the wrong side of the road. And, gee, if you could just be a little more careful on the curves. I think we lost our Batscope on that last one.”

“Can’t be helped, Robin. Just keep your fingers crossed.”

“BATMAN, don’t look now, but I think there’s a dop after us.”

“I’ll give it a little more speed. Maybe we can lose him.”

“I don’t think so, Batman. He’s gaining.”

“What’s the hurry, friend?”

“I’m Batman on urgent business!”

“Let’s see your driver’s license. Hmm! Well, I’m going to let you go with a warning this time. But be a little more careful after this.”

“Thank you, officer.”

“Batman, where are you going? You’re turning around.”

“I’M GOING back to the Batcave to get our Batcycle and sidecar. We don’t have to worry about seat belts with that.”

“But what about Riddler? He’ll escape.”

“Not for long, Robin. Right is on our side, even tho we’re driving on the wrong side of the road!”

“Holy seat belts! I see what you mean, Batman.”