My 1966 Batcycle project

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Prepping forks and sidecar for painting Go-cart
3/20/03-Had new tires put on the go-cart (looks better) & started working on painting the forks. 4/5/03-Go-cart just needs the windshield and it's done!
Okay yah got to see if it works! Rocket tubes
4/9/03-No, it's not Robin just me trying it out!! 4/30/03- Sharp Kustoms helped me with the detailing on the rocket tubes 
5-1-03 Profile of the sidecar
5/1/03-The fairing back from Riff Raff Customs 5/1/03-All three aluminum pipes installed
5-2-03 5-2-03
5/2/03-All put together! 5/2/03-95% done
5-2-03 5-2-03
5/2/03 5/2/03
Batcycle My Batcycle
5/5/03 5/5/03
5-16-03 Chrome bracket
5/16/03-Bat-sticker added 6/28/03-Aluminum bracket made for window
My Batcycle Front view
8/3/03-Just awaiting the windshield 8/3/03-Working on the headlight area shelf
Side view Exhaust pipes
8/3/03 9/1/03- Exhaust pipes extended
Pipes re-chromed Rear
11/20/03-Exhaust pipes re-chromed 12/13/03
Batcycle Go-cart
12/13/03-Side shot with new pipes 3/20/04-Windshield added to go-cart
Batcycle Batcycle
3/20/04 3/30/04


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