My 1966 Batcycle project

Here's the motorcycle I started with!  It was the same model used in the Batman TV show and the 1966 movie.  It is a 1966, 250cc, Yamaha YDS-3 (YM-1), which I acquired from eBay in 2002.  

I then needed to find the fiberglass parts to build the Batcycle. make a long story short, I wound up acquiring the original fiberglass pieces & molds to build my replica.  My goal was to make my bike as close to the original TV Batcycle as possible and 2 years later I achieved that goal! 


Yamaha stripped Batcycle pieces
My 1966 Yamaha being stripped Fiberglass go-cart, seat, and fender
Molds Molds
Molds made from the original Batcycle Molds I acquired
Sidecar Side car
My sidecar just after it was completed by Sharp Kustoms My sidecar mocked-up on the motorcycle
New kit 7/28/02
My sidecar and NEW fiberglass pieces made by Sharp Kustoms All pieces were bolted on and now just need to be prepped for painting
Under construction 10-20-02
All parts fit nicely & now need to be prepped for painting, etc.  10/20/02 the seat and front fender were just painted & the back panel is being worked on
Back Panel Back panel with logo
The upholstered panel is now complete.  Just need to affix the bat-sticker. The back panel with the bat-logo. The chrome area is the wing-nut that secures the go-cart.
The seat being test fitted The seat being test fitted
Test fitting the new seat 1/13/03
Go-cart Sidecar wing
2/1/03-The go-cart after it was upholstered 2/7/03-The sidecar wing just after it was painted
Sidecar with wing 2-17-03
2/15/03-The sidecar wing added 2/17/03-Bat added to sidecar
Working on the front fairing Rubber covering added
2/24/03-Started reshaping and doing some bodywork on the front fairing 3/10/03-Finished the fairing prepping & added the side-cover



8/30/08- In July 2008, I found out that my former Batcycle was at Mattel's booth at the San Diego Comic Con.  It was there to promote the new Batcycle die-cast toy.


On 5/14/05 my Batcycle was sold at the Bonhams and Butterfield auction.

11/13/04- Check out the January 2005 issue of Motor Trend for a picture of my Batcycle

My Batcycle

6/7/04- Photos posted from the Vallejo car show

6/6/04- A VERY successful car show.  Photos of my Batcycle and the Batmobile coming soon!

5/15/04- See my Batcycle at the Vallejo Concours d'Elegance on June 6, 2004

5/3/04- 2+ years later my Batcycle is done and it went to its first car show on 5/2--The Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance.

4/10/04- Installed the shelf & Bat-computer for the fairing.

3/20/04- Built and installed windshield/frame on go-cart.

11/20/03- The exhaust pipes have been re-chromed and installed on the bike.

11/5/03- The exhaust pipes are now off to the chromers!

9/1/03- Received the exhaust pipes back (extended 6.5" and redone) and now they just need to be re-chromed.  

8/3/03- I'm finishing up the shelf area in the fairing and waiting on the windshield and exhaust pipes.

6/28/03- Okay, I haven't been working on my Batcycle in quite a while, but I will be taking it to a show in August, so it will be 100% done by then.  GP Designs just made the aluminum bracket that will hold the windshield in place.

5/2/03- The Batcycle is all together and looking GREAT!!  Now I just need to work out some small details so the bike is 100% done. See list below.

5/1/03- Picked-up the fairing from Riff Raff Customs--looks great!

4/30/03- Repainted bike frame, working on detailing the bike and hoping to have it all reassembled and almost completed.  The Batcycle should be 90% done in the next 5 days!!  

4/9/03-Painted the front fork area primer color and will paint them gloss black later today.

4/5/03-Okay now I've got some time to work on my project again.  I'm still targeting for it to be complete by the end of this month!

3/13/03- Dropped off the fairing to be painted by Riff Raff Customs.

2/24/03- Replaced the taillight on the motorcycle with a clear red lens.  Also, started working on the front fairing so it can be painted soon.

2/15/03- Mounted the sidecar wing and two rocket tubes.  Need to install the 3rd rocket tube and place the bat sticker on the wing.

1/30/03- Permanently mounted the seat to the fiberglass base and picked-up the finished go-cart from Mr. Stitch.  Everything turned out great!

1/13/03- Received the seat back from Mr. Stitch and it looks great.  Just need to make some minor adjustments before it's secured.

1/7/03-Affixed the bat-logo to the back panel and worked out the wing-nut that secures the go-cart to the sidecar.

12/31/02-Picked up the upholstered back panel from Mr. Stitch

12/14/02-Watch as the Batcycle pieces get upholstered--Go here!

12/9/02-Dropped off the seat, go-cart and back panel to get them professionally upholstered.

11/24/02-Finished the prep work on the sidecar wing and gave it to Riff Raff for painting.  We had to add a support piece for the 3 rocket tubes, so it took a bit longer than expected.

10/20/02-Received the seat & front fender back from "Riff Raff Customs" painted.  A lot more work ahead!

9/5/02-Go-cart has been completed (minus engine and vinyl).  Also, wood base has been made & painted for the side-car.  I sent the seat and front fender out to be painted & still working on the prep work for the fairing and the side-car wing.

8/22/02-3rd brake light added to the side-car & go-cart under construction.

7/28/02-Received the finished fiberglass pieces from Sharp Kustoms today.  All pieces were bolted on and now need to get prepped for painting.

6/23/02-Sharp Kustoms has been working on finishing the metal sidecar frame and completing the new fiberglass pieces that will be mounted on my Yamaha.  I am working on detailing the bike and affixing the aluminum bats to the gas-tank. 

6/18/02-Picked-up my custom painted gas tank, rear shocks, oil reservoir and side panel cover from Riff Raff customs.  Pictures coming soon!

5/31/02-Removed exhaust pipes and will have to have new ones made. Originals are rusted and need to be extended 6.5 inches anyways.

5/26/02-Removed oil tank, rear shocks and headlight/speedometer assembly--Need to paint parts gloss black.

5/18/02-Took the gas tank, shocks and side covers to get custom painted--black/white with red pinstripe

5/5/02-Removed tank and rear fenders

5/4/02-Purchased Batcycle kit & original Batcycle molds from Bob Butts

4/18/02- Took possession of the '66 Yamaha


The following people have helped with my project...

The late Dick Dean
The late Bob Butts
"Big Mike" Leonardini
Eric Sharp @ Sharp Kustoms
John Brown
Andy Garringer
 John Haig

Upholstery by...


Jeff Collins 

K&C Machine Co., Inc.

Greensboro, NC

Painted by Scott Hultquist at...


George at GP Designs
Samy Huven

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