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George Barris had in his a possession the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, which he had purchased from Ford during his time with the "Custom Car Caravan."  Ford had used it for many years and then in 1959 leased it to Metro Goldwyn Mayer for the movie It Started With A Kiss, starring Debbie Reynolds & Glenn Ford.  Fast forward six years to 1965, George and his crew transformed this aging concept car into the Batmobile.

Year built 1954
Responsible for concept, design & name William M. Schmidt, Manager of the Lincoln Styling Department
Schmidt's design inspirations Manta Ray and a Mako Shark
In charge of of body development John Najjar
In charge of engineering Martin Regitko
Supervised the design work Roy Brown
Designer in charge of clay models Ken Spencer
Interior design Stan E. Thorwaldsen
Plexiglass designer Ron A. Perry
Fabricated by Ghia Body Works in Turin, Italy
Wheelbase 126 in.
Length 227 in.
Width  84.6 in.
Height 52.8 in.
Ground clearance 6 inches at the center of the frame & 7.2 inches at the side rails
Cost to build $250,000
Serial Number  X-1500-7365G
Engine type Overhead valve V-8 with a 4 barrel carburetor 
Drivetrain layout Front Engine, RWD
Body construction Steel
Chassis A modified 1953 Lincoln chassis
Horsepower 330 H.P.
Transmission  Turbo Drive Automatic Transmission
Suspension Standard Lincoln ball-joint front suspension
Tires  15x8 Firestone gum-dipped tubeless 
Exhaust Dual exhaust mounted within the chrome rear bumper
Dash features A compass is mounted on the cowl in front of the driver along with five different colored indicator lights to indicate what gear the car is in. Red for Park, Blue for Reverse, White for Neutral, Green for Drive, and Yellow for Low. A clock is mounted in front of the passenger
Instrument panel

Five compartments with flexible roll-down metal doors

#1- Heater & A/C controls
#2- Lighting switches 
#3- Accessories including "Wipers" knob and "Top control"
#4- AM Radio (pic#1) (pic#2)
#5- Glove compartment
Lower Dash features Hood release lever (Marked A) and Emergency brake handle (Marked B). 
Brake release button on lower dash area
Heater vent
Steering wheel concept The two designs they had in mind for the wheel.
Steering wheel Black wheel with chrome squares on the back surface, with a "jet pod" on either side to operate the turn signals.
Steering column binnacle Warning lights for fuel (green with a full tank, amber colored with a half tank and red when the supply is low), battery, temperature and high-beam indicator.  The lower part of the binnacle contains the speedometer, tachometer and odometer.
Pedestal armrest features Chrome transmission push buttons (Square for reverse and park, and round for neutral and the forward gears), an ash tray and space for a telephone 
Horn Activated by a pedal on the floor
Fresh air vent Located at the top center of the windshield and activated using a lever
Door panels Built-in armrests, chrome accents and a light on each panel. Interior door open levers were chrome balls.  Door pulls were flush mounted/flip-down chrome. 
Rear package tray area Two clear plastic funnels for the A/C system
Seat details in '55 2 Padded bucket seats trimmed with blue-white leather bolsters and pleated black leather inserts. Four-way power
Seat details in '59 2 Padded bucket seats trimmed with red bolsters and pleated black leather inserts. Four-way power
Carpet Deep-pile black carpet
Original color in '55 Pearlescent Frost-Blue white
Color repainted in '59 Red
Canopy composition Plexiglass with chrome trim
Hood features Hinged at the front with the hood release lever inside the car
Gas Filler door Located behind the rear license plate
Twin air scoops Cooled rear brakes & provided air for the A/C system
Rear deck lid louvers Exhaust chevrons for the air conditioning system
Aerial mounted on the rear deck Circular radio aerial combined with an "audio approach" microphone.
Rear brake lens  Red plastic
Door handles Chrome handles flush with the top of the doors 
License plates Michigan plate in 1955 BP3533; New York plate in 1959 2D7876 (prop); CN7608
1952 Original drawings of Futura completed by Bill Schmidt
1953 3/8 scale clay model of the Futura competed
1954 Full-sized plaster model of the Futura, a complete set of plans, blueprints and chassis and running gear were sent to Ghia in Turin, Italy to be used for construction of the fully-operable Futura
Late 1954 Three months after delivery to Ghia the Futura was completed
January 5, 1955 Completed Futura was delivered to the Congress Plaza Hotel in Illinois for its debut to the reporters
January 8, 1955 Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. View the Ford Press Release
January 1955 Futura shown at the Detroit Auto Show
March 3, 1955 Benson Ford & Bill Schmidt took the Futura for a drive in NYC.  Benson drove and they went by the United Nations building and through Central Park to the "Tavern on the Green" restaurant.
1956 "Lincoln" scripts were added to each side of the front fenders
August 19, 1959 It Started with a Kiss starring Debbie Reynolds & Glenn Ford released in theaters