Alfred Pennyworth, Bat-Mechanic at Your Service

Besides being the right-hand man, tireless butler, and surrogate father figure to the most famous crime fighter in or out of Gotham City, Alfred Pennyworth was also a crack auto mechanic. Charged with the care and maintenance of Batman's personal set of wheels, the legendary Batmobile, it was imperative that Alfred be at the top of his wrench-turning game.

Alfred Pennyworth always made sure that the Batcave housed a massive selection of aftermarket accessories at any given time. Fighting crime takes a heavy toll on equipment, so along with the endless number of performance parts that the Batmobile went through nightly from trading paint with criminals, there were also the mundane items to keep in stock. Of course, we'd like to believe the Batmobile is above the driveway maintenance that our dads performed on the Vista Cruiser, but, alas, it is an automobile, steel and rubber.

Like any prudent fleet manager, Alfred kept the bat racks full of cold air intake systems, performance mufflers, air filters and car gauges. Of course, oil changes were performed every 3,000 miles, so there were always stocks of oil and oil filters. And, due to the heavy electrical draw of components like the Batscope and Batphone, no fewer than 20 car batteries (sourced form various Dodge accessories) were always on wing. In fact, its been said that this section of the cave would be the bat dream of any ASE mechanic worth his salt.

Fighting crime in an armored bat suit can also get a little stuffy, so Alfred always made sure his charge remained comfortable even on the hottest Gotham nights. Though the Batmobile is essentially a Targa top, an operational air conditioner was a must. So Alfred stocked plenty of k&N air filters, Volant air intakes and cool air intake systems. The compressor is actually a Frankenstein project of Alfred's, made up of a mixture of spare Toyota Tundra accessories and Dodge truck accessories.

Much to the dismay of many auto purists, the Batmobile utilized a smattering of parts from many manufacturers. Due to part unavailability at times, and the heightened sense of need for an always operational Batmobile, Alfred made do with a hodge-podge of husky floor mats and all weather floor liners to augment the Ford/Lincoln platform the car is based on. Alfred was said to have taken it even further, and found ways to incorporate high-performance VW accessories and Toyota accessories.

To perform some of the more unusual functions the Batmobile boasted, Alfred came up with several clever solutions. The B&M Hydro Automatic transmission, for instance, obviously ran on performance car chip tuners; however, the Batcave stocked power programmer tuners, too. It's been said that this manual fluid could be used as an effective oil slick to detour anyone in pursuit of the bat car. Mechanics gloves were kept on hand for maintenance of course, but Batman has actually used them to restrain foiled criminals as they waited for police. And, an ugly incident that both Alfred and Bruce would rather forget, a bug shield can make a tight-lipped criminal squawk like a canary when used effectively. And, it's better left unsaid what can be accomplished with a modified license plate frame and some extra-sharp trailer hitch covers.

All in all, the Batmobile is much like the automobiles we do our own bat commutes in, just faster and battier. Weekend warriors, driveway do-it-yourselfers, even ASE certified hot-shots, can all glean some hard-earned wisdom from our man Alfred Pennyworth. That is, always have a reliable source for replacement auto parts, and the bat-genuity it takes to make do with what you have and get the bat-job done right. Gotham depends on it!